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Fill & Charge Sealed Motorcycle Batteries

How to fill and charge sealed motorcycle batteries

These instructions are intended as a guide to filling and charging sealed motorcycle batteries using liquifix packs. 

Before filling it is worth fitting the battery dry to make sure it is the correct size and configuration as once the battery has been filled it cannot be exchanged/returned.

1. Remove the foil strip from the top of the battery. 

2. Remove the liquifix acid pack from the sealed bag. Set aside the black sealing strip for use later. 

3. Turn the liquifix pack upside down and gently push the six nozzles into the openings on the top of the battery. 

4. Allow the liquifix to drain slowly into the battery. [In the event that this is taking over long use a pin to make a hole in the top of the pack to aid the flow.

5. Charge the battery, on a trickle charge, for 8 hours. 

6. The battery may be sealed after a minimum of 1 hour on charge. 

7. If the battery sits in anything other than a straight upright position on the vehicle invert the battery to remove any excess liquid before sealing .

8. To seal press the black sealing strip into place on the top of the battery ensuring that it fits flush and is secure. 

9. Always read the manufacturers' instructions and, in the event that they vary from the above, ensure that they are adhered to.