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How to fill and charge standard wet motorcycle batteries

How to fill and charge standard wet motorcycle batteries

These instructions are intended as a guide to filling and charging motorcycle batteries using acid packs.   Before filling it is worth fitting the battery dry to make sure it is the correct size and configuration as once the battery has been filled it cannot be exchanged /returned. 

It is also worth remembering that the sulphuric acid supplied with the battery is a hazardous corrosive material that requires careful handling. 

1. Remove the 'bung' from the exhaust [drain] valve and the six plugs from the cells. 

2. Snip the nozzle on the acid pack and fit the filling tube over the nozzle 

3. Carefully pour sulphuric acid from the acid pack into each of the cells until the acid reaches the maximum line. 

4. The battery will begin to self charge and should be left to settle for 3-4 minutes. Repeat step 3 filling any cells where absorption of the acid onto the plates has caused the level to drop. Safely dispose of any remaining acid. 

5. Charge the battery, on a trickle charge, for 8 hours. Although the battery will self charge a trickle charge before use helps to condition the plates and extend the life of the battery. 

6. Once the battery has been charged replace the plugs in the cells. 

7. Monitor the fluid levels in the cells and if they drop below the minimum level top up the electrolyte with demineralised water. 

8. Always read the manufacturers' instructions and, in the event that they vary from the above, ensure that they are adhered to.