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How to fit a Car Battery

How to fit a car battery

1.  Compare the sizes and power ratings of the old and new batteries making sure they match closely.

2.  Disconnect the negative battery lead first. Move the lead to one side to avoid sparks during Steps 3 and 4.

3.  Disconnect the positive lead. Make equally sure that it remains clear of the positive terminal during Step 4.

4. Undo the battery hold down clamp / strap and then remove the battery. Place it onto the ground or a strong workbench.

5.  Position the new battery into the engine bay battery area. Ensure the terminals are in the same position as they were with the old battery.

6.  Re-attach the battery hold down clamp / strap. 

7.  Re-connect the terminals starting with the positive lead. Cover the exposed terminals (engine-OFF) with a layer of petroleum jelly (e.g. Vaseline) to avoid corrosion.

8.  Take care not to do this with bare hands due to any possible exposure to lead sulphate.

9.  Reset any Audio or Navigation Equipment / Vehicle Alarm security codes.